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Residential and commerical Cleaning

American Renovators is now in the private residential and commercial sector of cleaning! We are now bringing the spectacular service you have known to trust in the multi-family setting to business offices, business locations, and private residences. Merging with the already established Kay's Cleaning Service we have brought our man-power, additional home services, and network to our private clients. Below is the thorough processes we have for your home or office setting.

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Residential and Office Cleaning


  • Cob web removal

  • Mini-blinds cleaning

  • Ceiling fans and blades

  • Baseboards

  • Tops of door jambs

  • Front and back of doors

  • Light switches and outlet plates

  • Ceiling vents and floor registers

  • Window seals and tracks


  • Soap scum removal

  • Hardware polishing

  • All areas of the toilet

  • Wall washing

  • Vanity sides and fronts

  • Light fixture dusting

  • Streak free mirror cleaning (medicine cabinet included)

  • Baseboards and trim

  • Ceiling vents and floor registers


  • Fronts and inside of cabinetry 

  • Light switches and outlet plates

  • Polish stainless steel

  • Inside, sides and top of refridgerators

  • Inside, sides, and top of microwaves

  • Baseboards and trim

  • Oven stove top, sides, and inside deep clean


Getting a bid for your cleaning service

If you are interested in receiving a quote for your home or office. Please use the contact form below. Please include your first and last name, best telephone number to reach you, your address in the message box, and an email to receive our bid. If you would like to inform us of anything special you might need during the cleaning please include it within the message box as well. We strive to make all necessary accommodations from our 

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